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Most people know David Venable Weight Loss Transformation, He’s a Famous American TV actor who performed on QVC as a host of “In the Kitchen With David” and has a great fun personality.

He has started gaining weight while doing his TV shows due to unhealthy foods and a non-serious lifestyle.

That all things led him to gain too much weight which is very dangerous for him and he constantly receives warnings from his doctor about his worst health conditions.

David Venable’s Weight Loss journey started after that and he’s become an inspiration for everyone.

We have found what he had done for losing too much amount of weight to a very healthy lifestyle.

David Venable Weight Loss

David Venable Weight Loss Journey:


David Venable continuously entertaining people for 30 years as a TV host on QVC, Also he is the author of many best-selling cookbooks.

He started losing weight through his doctor’s suggestions by following the best diet and exercise routine that changed his personality.

He shared about his health conditions that his doctor told him about heart disease and diabetes that put his life at higher risk.

David told me about losing 40 pounds which is recommended after seeing his overall body condition.

So, He made many diet changes and switched to a low-carb diet to lose weight.

His Great Diet Plan:

The Key to Lose Weight That David Shared Was, “I eliminate Sugar and Carbs From my Diet First which resulted in massive weight loss“.

According to some sources, David Lost 70 pounds in less than six months by following this technique and a consistent exercise routine.

david venable saying

David Venable Exercise Routine:

David’s Exercise routine was mainly running on a treadmill for a long time and doing yoga daily, Also he mostly went for walks and strength training.

With all these diet and exercise combinations David managed to lose weight by burning more calories than he consumed.

His consistency gave him the best results within 6 months.

David Venable Body Stats:

So, Below is David’s Previous or current body stats:

Previous Weight:

  • 265 lbs

Weight Loss:

  • 70 lbs


  • 6 Feet 5 Inches

Did David Venable Done Surgery? 

No, He hasn’t done any surgery for losing weight, He lost his weight by doing changes to his diet and lifestyle.

While there have been rumours that he may have dabbled in the medical field, there is no evidence to support these claims.

As far as we know, he has not undergone any type of surgery.

In fact, he is known to be an enthusiastic advocate of healthy living and regularly promotes a balanced diet and regular exercise on his television show.

There is no record of him having done any kind of surgery but rather opting instead to encourage people to take care of their bodies through lifestyle changes and preventive medicine.

david venable before after

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