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You may have seen some kinds of ads or commercials regarding body shaping and does wearing a waist trimmer belt help burn fat.

All of these claim to help burn away the calories and extra body fast quickly with the most ease.

Although shedding fat by doing minimal work is not so easy, it appeals to women of all ages.

But the fact is that when something appears so much appealing and fascinating, then sometimes its claims prove false or exaggerated.

Does Wearing A Waist Trimmer Belt Help Burn Fat

Does Wearing A Waist Trimmer Belt Help Burn Fat? Explained!


Several manufacturing companies of such waist-trimming undergarments claim that these products readily reduce waist inches by melting fat.

But a famous personal trainer named Tom Venuto announces that the Federal Trade Commission took action against their claims.

That is why now they state that their belts merely reduce waist size by shrinking the extra midsection fat, not by burning it directly.


A bitter reality stated by Venuto is that these workout belts don’t magically burn all the accumulated fat off your stomach.

There is no scientific evidence that supports this claim of losing fat from a single body part.

Human bodies burn the accumulated fat in a balanced overall proportion.

That is why a belly wrap and waist trimmer belt help burn fat in some ways merely but don’t perform directly to melt them away.

They may temporarily slim down your body figure by increasing sweat production to some extent.

And that sweat is somewhat meant to reduce weight by decreasing the level of fluids in the body.

But still, remember that the slimming effect won’t be permanent.

When these belts are taken off the body, and the body is hydrated back again, then you may expect to regain the lost weight.

The Secret to Weight Loss by Burning Fat:

The real secret that lies in burning fat readily and being slim permanently is less food intake and consuming fewer calories and fat than your burn regularly.

On average, a safe and sound calorie-deficit diet consists of a range of approximately 500-1000 calories each day.

This standard range does not allow one to gain body weight by accumulating fats in the entire midsection.

Besides this standard plan, if you wish to get reliable weight loss results within a short time.

Then it is suggested to opt for a deficit diet with less than the usual range of calories.

Also, increasing your bodily exercise by taking part in regular physical activities will help you greatly in this cause.

Besides the combination of both of these features, wearing the waist trainer for weight loss will let you achieve your target in the least time interval.

Weight Loss Belts

What Do The Weight Loss Belts Do Then?

These waist trimmer belts only work superficially to grant you an illustration of having a sleek and glamorous figure under all outfits.

But that has a temporary effect just.

That means you can only wear them to perfectly rock your flawless look at a party but not lose fat with them actually.

  1. The reason behind this is that when you put on a waist trainer or body shaper on your body, it just compresses and pushes the midsection fat inwards.
  2. That is merely for the cause that you slip into your clothes easily without worrying and feeling conscious of your irregular bulging bits.
  3. The second major thing associated with them is that they are composed of a fabric that retains heat. This heat retention property leads to increased sweating in the lower abdominal region.
  4. But remember, this sweat is not due to burning fat.
  5. It is the loss of body fluids like water due to elevated temperature and evaporation.

The Final Words:

In short, Waist trimmer belts are not a quick way to lose weight but it requires a lot of hard work and discipline.

These Best Waist Trainers For Weight Loss Undergarments seem a quick and easy way to stand out from all others in your competition.

But keep in mind that there exist no shortcuts to a slim as well as a healthy body.

A healthy body, along with a successful weight loss journey, requires a perfect combination of a nutritious diet and a regular workout.