Get A Waist Below 36″ in 30 Days Without Any Exercise.

Take care of your kids and home, manage your office work without worrying about doing exercise or dieting!

We Got You Covered!

We created a complete solution that will help you reducing your lower belly fat and getting a small waist below 36″ in 30 days. You don’t have to do exercise. You don’t have to do dieting. You can use this solution while taking care of your kids and home. You can use this while doing your office work. You can use it even while you are sleeping. It will do its work and let you do your work. It will make you sweat and burn your fat without requiring your hardwork.


HTF Waist Reducer

All you need is HTF Waist Reducer to get a small and sexy waist. It is designed and made in Columbia.

The purpose to made this waist reducer is to specifically reduce the waist fat and its goal is to make your waist below 36″ within 30 day.

It works on the core fat of your waist with thermal activity and burn that fat quickly without doing any exercise.

Here are the features it comes with.

waist trainer

High Waisted Design

Covers your entire tummy and mid to low back. Focuses on the core waist fat and start burning it.

3D Buttock Lifting Design

Won’t flatten your butt and perfectly lifts it. That will give you a sexy and beautiful look.

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Customers are lovin’ it

Some of our latest clients reviews and we are proud that they are pretty much happy and getting results!

I absolutely love it. It’s a stretchable material, with an amazing fit. It helps in reducing my waist from 45 inches to 38 inches in 28 days only! The first ever purchased a waist trainer that actually works.

I bought a week ago and its started its work. Its making me sweat automatically, fits perfectly and looks great under regular clothes. Helped a lot with my back because i have less back pain now.

I have noticed rapid results with this product. Those annoying love handles are going away, and my body looks greater than ever. Highly recommended.

I’ve tried many waist trainers But the HTF Waist Reducer is my favorite So far ’cause it’s the only one that really flatten my belly without hurting myself!

Giiiiiiiirrrrl!!!! Most comfortable waist reducer I have ever had! Your package will arrive within the week and you will never have to worry about rolls again!!! 😍

I purchased this not too long ago and it’s working. It is work to hook all the hooks to get it on, but I’ve learned how to do it and it goes much quicker now. Overall a great buy I am seeing results!

This product is absolutely amazing!!! i love love love it. I am a plus size and totally love this product. I am getting great results, it helped in reducing my waist to 36 inches within 32 days. I have exercised in it, it doesn’t roll when worn, has no repelling smell, its comfortable too. When worn properly it doesn’t pinch. Currently having it on for 6 hours now, still have 6 more hours to go and i am so comfy comfy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions by our customers and followers!

How to wear it?

Its very easy to wear, just open the hooks and zip and wear it on your waist and then close the zip and hooks. It will start its working right after that.

How much time do I have to wear daily?

Its really up to you. If you want to get great results then we recommend wear it 8 – 12 hours daily and see the results!

Which size is perfect for me?

We made a size chart, you can choose your size according to that.

What is the delivery time?

If you are from USA then you will receive it to your destination within 20 business days. Otherwise, it takes 30 business days to deliver in other countries.

What if it doesn't work on me?

Yes, it is its job to convert your huge waist to below 36″ Inches, but you will only see results if you wear it daily 8 – 12 hours with dedication. If your waist is more than 46″ inches, then it may take 45 – 60 days to see these type of results.

Does it really help in getting a waist of below 36

All our customers are getting insane results. If you wear it daily 8 – 12 hours and you still not get any results in 30 days, then we will refund your money right away. just email us and we will process your refund request.


The price for this solution can be hundreds of dollars, because it gives you what you want and within days. But, for the short period of time we are giving it in a very very low and affordable price. But, in future it will not be sold on this price so its the right time to try this solution.

$89.97 $49.97

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If you wear it for 30 days regularly for 8 – 12 hours a day and still don’t get results or if you are not satisfied with the product. Just send us an email at and we will refund your money right away withou any questions.

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