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Shopping for Body Shapers undergarments can be tough for anyone, but finding the best shapewear for plus size have somewhat its own set of challenges.

But now plus-size women don’t have to worry anymore.

Currently, there are a large number of lingerie companies all over the world that are more inclusive of selling confining shapewear for all sizes rather than designing shapewear for just medium-sized ladies.

Which Shapewear Is Best For Plus Size:


The plus-size shapewear is specifically for big Women and these are made according to that quality and material.

We have the top 3 best shapewear for plus-size women that are mostly rated and result-oriented.

How to Choose the Right Plus Size Shapewear + Best Shapewear For Plus Size:

Best Shapewear For Plus Size

How to Choose The Right Plus Size Shapewear:

You can choose the best shapewear according to your body level.

Must have to remember these things while choosing the best shapewear for plus size.

  • Know your measurements (Must Know About Your Exact Size)
  • Know your body shape and focus on what you want to flaunt
  • Choose your support level e.g. (Light Compression, Medium Compression, Firm Compression)

So these are the important things to consider before purchasing the best plus-size body shaper.

Top 5 Best Shapewear for Plus Size:

Below are the plus-size shapewear reviews and their features.

These are all top-rated and overall best in the plus-size category.

1- Plus Size Bodysuit with Open Crotch:

Plus Size Full Bodysuit With Open Crotch

This Plus Size Shapewear comes with additional boning and maximum control which can cause you to look more contoured and rounder with a flattened tummy.

It also holds the additional skin very well. It is also for brides and every occasion.


  1. High-quality fabric with detail soothing
  2. Elastic force for body slimming
  3. Maximum compression and control
  4. Extra holding of additional skin
  5. No shrinking and sliding
  6. 260o full range of ventilation
  7. Circulating temperature system


Some significant advantages of this best plus size shapewear for lower belly pooch include the following:

  1. Multi-functional quick slimming body shaper
  2. Improve overall body posture
  3. Protect the greatest control by holding additional skin  
  4. Exerts high pressure and compression over the midsection
  5. Possess a circulating temperature ventilation system for breathability.


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2- Open Crotch Corset Slimming Shaper Plus Size:

Open Crotch Corset Slimming Shapewear

This most comfortable shapewear plus size for women is a powerful control panty that grants you a dreamy hourglass and sexier body shape.

It works by lifting the bust and butt region while compressing the midsection of the body.


  1. Adjustable shoulder straps
  2. 3 rows of hook and eye closures
  3. High elasticity and waist design
  4. Butt lifter panty
  5. Breathable and skin-friendly
  6. Open bust design
  7. Open crotch style for easy bathroom


Given below are some of the benefits of this corset plus size shapewear:

  1. Waistline reduction
  2. Improved body posture
  3. Firm compression to control diet intake
  4. Tummy tightening
  5. Protect back from injuries.


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3- Slimming Body Shaper:

Slimming Body shaper

This is one of the plus-size slimming undergarments which amazingly solve all the postpartum problems of women.

Additionally, it is a great women’s secret that men can’t even guess.


  1. Perfect problem solver
  2. Open bust design for supporting breasts
  3. Great comfortability and flexibility
  4. Double-layer firm compression
  5. Elegant embroidery and lace for a feminine touch
  6. Effortless tummy tucking characteristics
  7. Open crotch design for easy bathroom


A few pros of this best plus size shapewear for a tummy are mentioned below:

  1. Support breasts region
  2. Helps in postpartum recovery
  3. It is comfy shaping snugly fits like a second skin
  4. Compress thigh and lift butt region  
  5. Give a sleek look by tucking the tummy


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4- Plus Size Compression Full Body Shapewear:

Compression Full Body Slimming Shapewear

This extraordinary plus-size compression shapewear applies ultra-high compression and pressure over both your tummy region as well as your waist to grant a perfectly sleek look. 


  1. Power net of the external layer
  2. Beautiful epoxy and lace bottoms
  3. Invisible stitching without mistreating skin
  4. Soft and elastic slimming fabric
  5. Panty style waist shaper for women 
  6. Adjustable straps design
  7. Latest abdominal compression and reinforcement technology


This remarkable plus size extra firm control shapewear offers you the following benefits:

  1. Allows you to wear your favorite bra along with it
  2. Helps in waist sculpting and tummy controlling
  3. Provide full body coverage to the body.
  4. Give you a smooth look in all your casual and formal outfits
  5. Great for thigh smoothing and butt-lifting.


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5- Plus Size Fajas Columbian Slimming Bodysuit:

Colombian Bodysuit

This remarkable best body shaper for plus-size women helps all healthy women in losing their overall body weight without practicing any strenuous exercises.

Also, it is good to burn fat and putting the body in perfect form and shape.


  1. Thong style shaper
  2. on slip-adjustable shoulder straps
  3. Ultra-comfortable and skincare
  4. Power net in the external layer
  5. Open crotch style
  6. U-shape push-up breast
  7. Beautiful lace on leg bottoms


Women can have the following advantages from this unique best waist cincher for plus size:

  1. Make your breast erect, sexy, and attractive
  2. Slims down your waist instantly
  3. Control flabby tummy
  4. Tighten the slack fat present in the thighs
  5. Grant you a dreamy hourglass body shape.



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best tummy shaper for plus size


What is the best shapewear for plus size?

All the shapewears explained above in this article act as the best plus size shapewears for women of all ages and sizes. They hold the additional skin of plus-size women in them and compress the extra belly fat to grant them a sleek and slimmer outlook.

What is the best tummy flattening shapewear?

Extreme tummy and waist control shaper is assumed to be the best tummy shaper for plus-size women all over the world. That is because it offers full-body coverage alone with extraordinary control and pressure over the midsection. Moreover, it is composed of flexible nylon and spandex which provide the best stomach control results while being lightweight on the body.

How do you know what size shapewear to buy?

Throughout the world, there are many shops and online stores where women can find a variety of foundation garments plus sizes for themselves. However, before buying anyone out of them, they must first take their body measurements and look for their body shape. Only then they will find the best which will suit their needs and looks the most.

Final Words:

No wonder if you are a healthy woman, your lingerie drawer may be fully stocked with an immense variety of comfortable pairs of underwear and the best supportive bras.

Besides them, you may also be having some Best Shapewear for Plus Size along with them.

Don’t be shy, there is nothing wrong with them at all.

Being seamless, these functional undergarment body shapers are not only the key to creating a smooth and sexy figure.

But also, they lift and firm up the different parts of your body and keep them in the right places to let you have an upright and confident body posture.




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