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Individuals with poor body posture typically have some unusual-looking fat distribution.

That improper fat distribution and accumulation lead to several health and fitness concerns.

We all might have seen individuals we might usually call Fat, but some of them are not actually fat.

Most of them have normal BMI, but they physically look fat due to improper posture or excess fat at a specific place.

So, they usually wonder: Does poor posture cause a lower belly pooch?

To their concern, it is not the actual case.

Does poor posture cause a lower belly pooch

Does Poor Posture Cause A Lower Belly Pooch?


Not at all. That is just a myth and misunderstanding of some individuals.

Although issues like slouching or bending too much can cause long-term poor posture issues, they do not cause fat gain.

The fat causing a lower belly pooch is primarily due to the excessive intake of calories from the diet.

Therefore, always ensure that you are not consuming more calories than your body actually needs.

Also, try to do physical exercises regularly while putting on the best shapewear for lower belly pooch.

Only then you will not have to face tummy fat issues.

Why Do I Have Poor Posture?

With growing age, our physical activities and slouching increase.

Our muscles start weakening, and we hardly stay able to perform daily routine work and extensive workouts.

They usually increase fatigue and muscle tension, ultimately leading to a bad posture.

Some other prominent reasons behind having poor body posture include:

  • Desk jobs
  • Accustomed habit
  • Extra body weight in the abdominal region
  • Frequently carrying heavyweights
  • Uncomfortable clothing
  • Poor diet and nutrition
  • Lack of physical activities, and many more.

All these cause people to have poor posture.

There are several health complications too that later emerge out of a bad posture.

Those may include

  • Spinal dysfunction
  • Joint degeneration
  • Lower belly pooch
  • Rounded shoulders
  • The anterior pelvic tilt, and many more.

Why do I Need to Maintain A Good Posture:

  • Firstly, proper body posture significantly helps improve your back’s strength. That, of course, makes it easier for an individual to maintain the appropriate posture for an extended period.
  • Secondly, poor posture primarily leads to body pain which makes exercising very difficult. Therefore, good posture is crucial to working out stomach muscles, especially while having a lower belly shaper.
  • Thirdly, an upright posture greatly enhances proper blood flow throughout an individual’s body. Particularly reaching to the lower back and legs, both of which are primarily involved in most stomach and weight loss exercises.

Therefore, if you are trying to get rid of your lower belly pooch, try to maintain a good posture as much as possible.

does sitting posture increase belly fat

How to Check Whether I Have A Good or Bad Body Posture:

In order to check the posture, you have to follow the below-given steps:

  1. Stand barefoot on flat ground.
  2. Move your head a little back without lifting your face or chin up.
  3. Keep your head straight back as if you are trying to make a double chin.
  4. At this step, you might feel that your shoulders are leaning back and down. And there is pressure across your chest.
  5. Encourage this posture as much as you can until you feel most of your body weight on your heels.
  6. Then use your head to find the perfect balance point of your heels.
  7. Remember, shoes usually have raised heels that somehow affect your balance point, so always try this posture check barefooted.

Suppose you can maintain this posture for quite some time while being at a perfect balance point.

Then, it means you have a good body posture; otherwise, not.

Usually, people with lower belly pooch or extra fat on their bodies find it very difficult and fail to make and maintain this posture.

How to Fix Poor Posture to Get Gid of Lower Belly Pooch:

The first and foremost thing crucial to losing belly fat is standing and sitting straight.

That actually has different effects on your overall posture.

Nevertheless, slouching or bending accentuates the lower belly pooch.

So, simply standing and sitting straight will make you appear slimmer and longer.

Especially if you are on your weight loss journey, standing and sitting straight will surely assist you a lot.

Do you already do that while doing your routine work?

If yes, you are already on your way to getting rid of the lower-belly pooch.


Does Poor Posture Cause a Lower Belly Pooch?

No, it is actually not the case. In reality, when you have a poor posture, your body naturally gets an anterior pelvic twist in the region where your pelvis tilts forward. And when this happens, the arch of your lower back naturally becomes more pronounced. Also, your stomach region protrudes, and your bum sticks out, ultimately creating an illusion of being fat with a lower belly pooch.

How does bad posture affect belly size?

One of the biggest jobs of abdominal muscles is to keep our bodies straight upright. Several researchers have recently shown that rampant poor body postures put these muscles to sleep, leaving a constant bulge in the belly region. However, the good news is that appropriating your posture can somehow help get rid of lower belly pooch and become slimmer.

Does good body posture help lose extra belly fat?

As we all know that slouching and bending somehow accentuate extra belly fat accumulated over the tummy region. So, simply standing or sitting straight will significantly help you appear slimmer. Secondly, a good body posture significantly strengthens your back. That course is crucial to maintaining proper posture for a more extended period. Moreover, people usually suffer from body pain due to improper posture, so they cannot do strenuous weight loss exercises. So, from all these perspectives, we can say that, yes, good posture is necessary for a healthy and fit body.

Final Words:

Does Poor Posture Cause a Lower Belly Pooch? A straightforward answer to it is that poor posture has nothing to do with fat accumulation or increase.

But somehow, improper posture protrudes your belly and hips region, making you appear smaller and more overweight.