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Have you ever observed slight depressions or uneven curves on your hip’s sides?

If that is the case, you may be some of those who usually hate them.

These indentations not only don’t look right while looking in the mirror.

But also, they are much more prominent while wearing tight-fitting apparel. 

These irregular curves are typically called “hip dips,” also called “violin dips.”

The most important thing is, How can one get rid of them? Does Waist Trainer Help Get Rid of Hip Dips?

Does Waist Trainer Help Get Rid of Hip Dips

How Does Waist Trainer Help Get Rid of Hip Dips?


Not really. Waist trainers usually do not help people get rid of their hip dips as hips dips are mainly determined by two things:

  • Bony framework of an individual
  • How a person’s body distributes fat

Although wearing a waist trainer may temporarily let people have a smaller-looking waist while giving an illusion of an hourglass figure.

But, keep in mind that you cannot get rid of stubborn hip dips by putting on the best waist trainers for weight loss.

Such body-shaping undergarments only make your hip dips less prominent while creating a curvy-looking figure.

Also, before you buy waist trainers hoping to have bigger hips, you should know that they will not help add extra volume to your hips.

Cinching the waist may present an illusion of bigger breasts and hips than normal, which is why hip dips are concealed to some extent.

So, a waist trainer may let you have a streamlined body shape but will not help remove hip dips in any way.

What Exactly Are Hip Dips?

Slight indentations present at the outer sides of the hip’s muscles are called hip dips.

These curves are more common in females.

These natural depressions of fat and muscles are produced when the size of the hip bone is somewhat more extensive than the femur bone.

Are Hip Dips Ordinarily Good Or Bad:

Hip dips are sometimes misunderstood as a measure of one’s overall health.

On the other hand, they are also linked to the shape of your bones.

That shows that they have little to no impact on your health, as mentioned earlier.

They are caused by the arrangement or framework of the bones, and it isn’t much you can do about it.

Because your pelvis is unique, your hip dips will also be distinct from others. 

Significant Reasons Behind Hip Dips:

Hip dips are primarily influenced by:

  1. Heredity
  2. bone structure
  3. fat distribution in the body. 

But they are perfectly natural and frequent in everyone. Even men have hip dips too!

So, don’t be anxious, you are completely fine, and there is nothing wrong with your body if you have them.

You may do a few things to make hip dips less noticeable. So, stay motivated and don’t lose hope.

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips In A Week?

Hips Dips are a very common issue most women can suffer from, Many of them prefer to do hip dip surgery but some like to wear loose clothing to change the appearance of hip dips.

Lose clothing includes Skirts, Lose dresses, High Waisted Pants, etc.

Apart from that, You can get rid of hip dips and love handles in a week without exercise or surgery by doing 7 days keto diet.

It will reduce your overall body fat percentage including hip dips.

What Exactly Is The Purpose of A Waist Trainer:

The primary purposes of waist trainers are to:

  • modify your overall body shape 
  • correct improper posture 
  • provide a curvaceous appearance 
  • control lower belly fat 
  • keep you in a perfect form and figure. 

However, wearing shapewear for hip dips can help you create this curvy look.

You can also achieve a more lasting outcome if you use it regularly and appropriately.

Moreover, you can create a perception of bigger hips and breasts by using waist trainers.

So, although waist trainers can assist you in making an hourglass figure, they will not reduce your hip dips in any way.

shapewear for hip dips

Is It Possible To Have An Hourglass Figure With Hip Dips?

It might amaze you, but it is possible to have an hourglass figure with hip dips. 

The hourglass figure is a body shape when your waist area is significantly smaller than your breast and hips.

A perfect round, curvy shape of hip muscles is not necessary to produce an hourglass figure.

Many people, including superstars and models, have an hourglass figure while having hip dips.

However, the majority of them do not have well-defined hip dips. 

Muffin Top And Hip Dips – Are They Same Or Different:

Muffin tops are commonly confused with hip dips. But, remember, they are not the same. 

  • Muffin tops are produced as a result of excess fat accumulation. They can be reduced with gym workouts. 
  • While on the other hand, hip dips can be slight depressions on the hips’ sides.
  • You can control them only to a limited extent depending upon one’s body type. 

how long does it take to get rid of hip dipsFAQS:

Are hip dips common in everyone?

Yes, hip dips are prevalent, and almost everybody can have them. However, they differ depending on the anatomical framework of the individual’s skeleton. Your skeletal framework significantly impacts whether you have noticeable hip dips or no apparent hip dips at all.

Which exercises should be done to reduce hip dips appearance?

The eight best exercises for hips dips are as follows: Squats: It tones hips, legs, and thigh muscles. It also helps in providing strength to these parts. Lunges: It can assist in toning the Gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Step-downs: It assists in the strengthening of hip muscles and quadriceps. Clam lifts: It provides strength to the hips and thigh muscles. Side leg lift: It targets gluteus muscles. Side hip openers: It tone thighs and hips. Donkey kicks: It helps strengthen the butt. Glute bridges: It engages all muscles, including the abs, legs, and back.

How long does it take to get rid of hip dips?

You’ll have to restrict your activities for at least fifteen days before returning to regular work. Nonetheless, avoiding excessive exercise and stress on your hips would be best. You can resume light workouts approximately after a month

Does weight loss help in decreasing hip dips?

Hip dips can become less visible if you lose excess fat around your hips. But it would be best if you also focus on how to tone your buttocks and thigh muscles. In addition, boosting your lean muscle mass will enhance your appearance, help you feel better, and improve your overall fitness.

Final Words:

Hip dips are the prominent indentations on the sides of the hips, present below the hip bones.

No matter whether you are standing or seated, these cause a prominent upright appearance of hip muscles.

The point to ponder is, is there any possible solution to reduce the appearance of hip dips? Does waist trainer help get rid of hip dips

No, not really! Hip dips can somehow be hidden with waist training but not eliminated.

However, you can have a proper exercise routine to gain remarkable waist training results before and after.