No doubt, belly fat is one of the most notorious things to lose. While the fat present at all the other parts of the human body can be trimmed and toned with regular exercise, that on the tummy is exceptionally stubborn.

However, the good news is that running is considered an excellent way to lose belly fat. And having a regular running schedule delivers a continuous fat-burning boost.

excellent way to lose belly fat

Why Running an Excellent Way to Lose Belly Fat?

It is one of the most influential and incredible fat-burning exercises. When it comes to losing weight with strenuous exercises, it beats all others.

But remember, running alone will not help you in the long run until combined with a healthy diet and positive lifestyle changes.

Moreover, wearing the best waist trainer for lower belly fat while running assists weight-loss strategies and people get slimmer in a short period than expected.

Types of Running

There are several different kinds and styles of running. All of them have their unique purposes and benefits. Some of the main types are given below:

  • Base runs
  • Long runs
  • Interval / Short runs
  • Hill repeats
  • Recovery runs
  • Progression runs
  • Athletic races and many more.

All of them differ based on distance traveled and the time taken to cover that remoteness. But all these types of running are considered an excellent way to lose belly fat.

How Often Should You Run Every Day?

That is the most common question frequently asked by people who look forward to losing belly fat and weight by running. The answer for them is;

You should run at least 30-60 minutes for approximately 4-5 days a week with moderate intensity at the start. That will be enough for you in the beginning when you will have a busy schedule.

However, as soon as you get used to it and figure out some extra time from your daily schedule, you may gradually increase this exercise according to your body’s needs.

Running and Time Management

As suggested running roughly 30-60 minutes are good enough. But remember, at the end of the run, make sure that you give your body an ample rest of 5 minutes. That will help in stabilizing your mechanism speed back to normal.

So, what is best suggested is to aim for a total of 30 minutes, including

  • 5 minutes of early warm-up
  • 5 minutes of moderate-pace walking
  • 15 minutes of running
  • Last 5 minutes for relaxing and cooling down

How Much Belly Fat Can You Lose by Running?

Running burns roughly 100 calories when a person runs over a single mile. That is why it is considered an excellent way to lose belly fat and build up a calorie deficit body. 100 calories per mile suggest that running 5 miles each day will let you burn

  1. 500 calories per day
  2. 3500 calories every week and many more

That means that you can lose up to 1 pound of fat weekly and get slimmer and slimmer with consistency.