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Undoubtedly, many people daily struggle with their extra stomach fat.

So, they often search for how do you get rid of lower belly pooch fast?  

Certain body types tend to hold onto more fat around the lower belly region longer than any other body part.

Lower belly pooch fat is genuinely a hard challenge to face.

And nevertheless, the worst part regarding it is that no matter how hard efforts you make, you do not spot any noticeable reduction.

Get Rid of Lower Belly Pooch Fast

How Do You Get Rid of Lower Belly Pooch Fast:


There are five different Techniques to follow if you really want to get rid of a lower tummy pooch fast.

1- A Healthy Diet is Always A Reward:

Undoubtedly, nutritious food items are the best for getting rid of belly pooch faster.

So, add veggies and leafy greens to your diet. Also, try to consume low-GI fruits such as berries, grapefruits, and cantaloupes as much as you can.

In addition, eat proteinaceous items like

  • Fish
  • Chicken breast
  • Ground turkey
  • Lentils
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Egg Whites
  • Soy, etc.

Moreover, don’t ignore to have healthy fats like ghee, avocado oil, seeds, olive oil, nuts, etc.

The best way to have all these food items is to have them either boiled, raw, or sauteed.

2- Eliminate High-Calorie Foods:

Typically, refined flour, frozen and canned foods, fast food items, and refined sugar are very high in calories.

Although some of these may not be high enough in calorie count, they contain:

  • A high amount of salts
  • Preservatives
  • Additives

That makes them potentially dangerous for health.

Therefore, start by initially reducing the consumption of these.

And then gradually eliminate them from your diet.

3- Tone Up Your Body With High-Intensity Interval Training:

Undoubtedly, this is the best lower belly pooch workout you can do to get rid of lower belly pooch fast.

Although draining yet highly effective, HIIT is indeed an incredible way to

  • Get a perfect hourglass body
  • Have a perfectly toned figure
  • Shed extra lower belly fat

And when explicitly done while putting on the Best Shapewear For Lower Belly Pooch, the results come extremely fast.

HIIT exercises are anaerobic exercises in which a person has to do small bouts of some high-intensity exercises at equal intervals.

Some of those exercises generally include:

  1. Sprints
  2. Jump squads
  3. Russian twists
  4. Leg in and out
  5. Flutter
  6. Kicks
  7. Crunches, and many more to tone your belly region.

4- Minimize Your Stress Levels:

Stress is usually linked with overeating and the accumulation of extra belly fat.

So, always try to do whatever you like in your leisure time.

Figure out some time for yourself, no matter how little or more each day.

Do activities like:

  1. Reading a book
  2. Dancing
  3. Painting
  4. Gardening
  5. Playing
  6. Yoga
  7. Gym workouts, and many more to de-stress yourself as much as possible.

5- Avoid Being Constantly Seated:

Sitting is a new kind of addiction. Whether at work, at home, at a party, or with friends, we usually sit more than stand or walk.

Therefore, CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention typically recommends light, brisk walking each day to stay active and healthy.

However, still, if sitting is essential, you may try wearing full-body shapers for most of the day.

That will not only help to control your protruding belly but also make you eat less. In this way, you will get rid of lower belly fat during female exercises.

how to get rid of pooch under belly button

What Causes Lower Belly Pooch?

The majority of women and men are very conscious about losing lower belly pooch and adopt many lifestyle changes and exercises to overcome it.

But, Can they Know the Actual causes of this problem?

Without knowing that you can’t be successful in your journey because the root of the main problem is that.

The main causes of Lower belly pooch are:

  • Lack of Exercise Daily
  • Not Maintaining The Daily Diet Schedule.
  • Poor Quality Lifestyle

So, These are the three big reasons that cause lower belly pooch problems in women mostly.

The Healthy Lifestyle and a perfect diet are very crucial in order to maintain your body fit, Otherwise, it can cause many other problems as well.

Focus on these three problems that are making your body obese and destroying your actual figure.


How do you get rid of lower belly pooch fast in less than a week?

Although, no one can burn all the extra fat accumulated in their belly region within just a week. But at least the weight loss journey can be started by: Reducing refined carbs. Adding fatty fish to the diet. Start the day with a high-protein breakfast. Drinking enough water throughout the day and Wearing the lower belly shaper. Including aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your routine. Consuming soluble fiber. Reducing salt intake. Doing cardio and strength training, and many more.

How long does it take to lose a lower belly pooch?

Losing stubborn fat over the lower belly pooch is often the hardest body part to show improvement while losing weight. However, a flat tummy with no fat is usually achieved by Eating a calorie deficit diet. Exercising daily. Having a lifestyle incorporated with these will let you see noticeable weight loss results within 6-12 weeks on average. However, the time may vary according to body type, routine, lifestyle, consistency, etc.

What are the best exercises to get rid of extra belly fat?

Undoubtedly, routine exercises greatly help minimize and cut off extra belly fat. Several cardiovascular and weight-lifting activities are good enough to keep you healthy and strong. Walking Running Swimming Biking Rowing Cycling Cardio Strength training Gym workouts, and many more.

Final Words:

Lower belly pooch is somewhat directly linked to many dangerous health conditions.

Fortunately, all such health concerns can be reduced by reducing extra fat by making key lifestyle changes.

People usually ask how you get rid of lower belly pooch fast.

A straight answer to them is to start eating healthier and exercising daily by wearing the best shapewear for lower belly pooch to get noticeable results.

However, remember that you cannot lose entire lower belly fat instantly.

You will have to wait for some time and be consistent for some weeks to get prominent weight loss and reduced belly fat results.