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Typically, when summer approaches full swing, unfortunately, most women start getting conscious of their bodies.

One of their most prevalent and primary concerns is having a FUPA.

However, don’t worry anymore if you are concerned about fat above your pubic area.

Before going into the details of How to Hide Fupa In Clothes & its solution.

Let’s first see what FUPA is, and what causes it.

What Is FUPA?


FUPA, abbreviated for Fat Upper Pubic Area, is also called Mons Pubis.

It is defined as a fatty tissue that resides just above the pubic bone of an individual.

In addition, a few medical researchers even call the fat in this body part panniculus.

Generally, having more than normal fat above the pubic region is what makes people uncomfortable and self-conscious.

That is especially the case of primary concern for women who love to wear tight-fitting clothes like:

  1. Legging
  2. Skinny jeans
  3. Bodycon dresses
  4. Swimsuits
  5. Fancy party dresses, and many more.

Causes of FUPA:

Typically, FUPA can just be a natural thing for some people who are born with it.

However, some of the most common reasons behind FUPA fat accumulation include the following:

  • Genetics
  • Ageing
  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress, and many more.

Hide FUPA In Clothes

How Can I Hide FUPA In Clothes In 4 Easy Steps:

Nowadays, it is prevalent to have FUPA fat for both men and women.

Mainly for women, it is one of the most conscious body concerns.

Indeed, a few extra pounds accumulated in the public region can make you less confident.

However, some specific dress patterns, styles, and accessories can help you look great despite having FUPA.

1- Wear A Dress With The Right Print And Fabric:

  • Select a dress in a fabric and style that makes you feel comfortable.
  • In addition, try to opt for dresses with darker colours like navy blue, black, charcoal, etc.
  • Wear vertical and narrow striped dresses as they create an illusion of elongation and a slimmer body.
  • Moreover, choose a low-contrast dress print, that too, without a clear focal point.

2- Buy Body-Shaping Undergarments That Fit Your Body Snuggly:

  • Be choosy in having fitting undergarments. Select the ones that do not make you look bulgy anymore.
  • Furthermore, try to put on high-waisted underwear to have added control over the FUPA region.
  • Also, wear Best Shapewear For FUPA to have a smooth silhouette.

3- Accessorize Your Overall Look:

  • Wear a sash or a belt on the thinnest part of your waist.
  • Try to drag people’s attention away from your tummy region.
  • Moreover, wear a beautiful patterned or solid colour scarf.
  • Frame your facial look with elegant jewellery.
  • Wrap yourself in a tailored jacket or a fitted cardigan.
  • Match the colour of your shoes and stockings with your dress colour.

4- Walk With Style And Confidence:

  • Walk with your shoulders back and relaxed with your back tucked in and with your chin up.
  • Additionally, try to maintain an upright body posture, either while sitting or standing.
  • Also, strut yourself in high heels as they make your body thinner and legs longer than in reality.

how to hide fupa in leggings

The Final Words:

Indeed, one of the most reliable ways to hide the FUPA appearance in your clothes is by putting on shapewear.

Nevertheless, the best shapewear for lower belly pooch targets this area specifically while slimming and toning the pubic region.

Nowadays, there are many different brands and types of shapewear on the market.

Therefore, it becomes challenging for anyone to find the best possible option for you.

So that’s the main idea about hiding the Fupa in clothes and the Possible Steps to Follow.

Be Sure to Wear Any Undergarments Or exercise daily to reduce your FUPA naturally.