Shapewear for daily use is something which is present in almost every woman’s drawer nowadays. Now the question arises that whether it is good to wear it every day or not. It is important to know that using it regularly can have serious health issues.

Corsets were used in the late 19th century. But later, it was discovered that they decrease lung capacity, which leads to fainting.

Shapewear is an advanced form of corsets with much better materials and shapes.

Both corsets and best shapewear compress the body, but the modern innovation and the creation of bespoke materials such as lycra or spandex have changed the global undergarments market. Nowadays, many women wear shapewear every day because they give their bodies a particular shape with comfort.

Is It healthy For Women To Wear Shapewear Daily

Is it healthy for women to wear shapewear daily?

If you search for shapewear for daily use, you find a wide range of them in the market. Some of the different types of shapewear are as follows:

  • Girdles
  • Control briefs
  • Corsets
  • Bodysuits
  • Smoothing tops
  • Shaping Slips
  • Shaping bras

In addition to these types of shapewear, shapewear also differ depending upon the levels of control they offer

  • Firm/extra firm control
  • Medium control
  • Light control


The following are some benefits of wearing shapewear daily:

  • Flawless appearance

The bust, waist, hips, and thighs are the areas of women’s bodies that badly need this shapewear. With the right shapewear, a perfect shape of all these body parts can be achieved instantly without having to lose bodyweight.

  • Improves posture and abdominal muscles

Shapewear compresses your waist and helps your back to get straighter and firmer. It also helps in the reduction of pain in the lumbar area and the lower back. Moreover, its regular use helps the internal organs to pull back naturally into their normal position.

  • Self-esteem and confidence

This shaping lingerie not only changes your outer look but can change your internal views about weight loss as well.

Seeing your body in an hourglass shape will encourage youth to follow a healthy diet for weight loss. It also gives you self-esteem and confidence to wear slinky dresses anywhere you want.

  • Lose inches instantly

It is helpful for those women who are struggling hard to lose weight. It can help you fit in a smaller size. Moreover, when wearing low-rise jeans and fitted tops, the shapewear can solve the problem of hiding irregular bumps and lumps. 

  • Wearing shapewear to lose weight 

Its innovative fabrics help in weight loss. It is made of lycra or silicon, a warm but breathable material.

That is why it works the same as sauna and wrap. When you move while wearing it, the material creates friction against these areas, which causes them to sweat and these are available in our extreme tummy control shaper.


The following are some of the major side effects of wearing shapewear regularly:

  • Hamper lung function

Corsets compress the lower lobes of your lungs which may create a hurdle in their expanding, and ultimately reduce their functioning.

  • Affect blood circulation

When the waist is compressed the heart has to exert more pressure for pumping blood. This may cause palpitations

  • Affect digestion

As the shapewear compresses the stomach area, the pressure is exerted on the intestine, this restricts the movement of food in the intestine and can affect digestion. It can also lead to heartburn.

  • Cause bloating and abdominal discomfort

When the digestion of food gets hampered, it results in bloating. The bloating can cause abdominal discomfort.

  • Make you more prone to infections

Mostly shapewear is tight. The moisture caused by sweating tends to trap within it. This moisture provides a hospitable environment for bacteria resulting in skin rashes and other infections.


So, as you have seen above, if chosen properly, there are both the pros and cons of Is it healthy for women to wear shapewear daily.

The choice is now all yours. The result of the right foundation undergarments readily depends on your body needs, as well as the level of compression.

The optimum time for wearing shapewear to get its maximum benefits is putting it on for 8 hours a day almost 5-6 days a week.