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Waist trainers are acknowledged to be excellent tools that assist you in your body-shaping goals and help you stand in an upright posture.

Instead, they increase the precipitation of body fluids and decrease water content, due to which you may feel you lose in two weeks with a waist trainer.

But the matter of fact is that they don’t cause you to lose body weight directly.

Even those that make you sweat more than average don’t burn your extra fat away.

Lose in Two Weeks with a Waist Trainer

How To Lose Belly Fat With A Waist Trainer In Two Weeks:


As already discussed, there are several factors on which the results of weight loss depend.

However, if you wear suitable waist trainers 6 hours a day for a minimum of 5 to 6 days every week, you may start noticing visible results shortly.

According to a rough estimation, one can lose 10-15 pounds of weight in just two weeks with a waist trainer.

This value may vary depending on the body type and everyday lifestyle of a person.

However, the good news here is that a person stays consistent on a healthy diet and wears these trainers along with regular exercise.

Then he will get permanent slimming results.

That is because consistency is the key to success.

Working To Lose In Two Weeks With A Waist Trainer:

Most of the best waist trainers for weight loss work in two popular ways:

  1. Either they re-arrange or squish your extra body fat and possibly the internal organs inwards
  2. Or, they somehow restrict your entire midsection by adding pressure and causing you to eat less.

The Durability of Results:

Both these methods will help you lose weight gradually.

However, if we talk about the durability of attained results by both of them, then the answer is:

The first effect of compressing or re-arranging is just temporary.

Once you take off the waist trainer from the body or stop using it regularly, all the stuff brought to your middle region will revert to the original position where the gravity initially put it.

On the other hand, the effect of the second option could be permanent to some extent.

But that too if you stay consistent with maintaining a net calorie balance.

A good way of keeping an appropriate record of it is by calculating your net calorie intake instead of making your stomach uncomfortable during mealtimes.

Weight Loss Results Factors

Factors On Which Weight Loss Results Depend:

Different waist trainers help you lose weight in two weeks in diverse ways.

So, their results may vary from each other.

However, they are directly dependent on the following significant factors:

  1. How long do you put on the waist trainer on your body?
  2. How many weeks per day do you remain consistent with them?
  3. What is the fitting of your waist trainer according to your body shape?
  4. Which type of diet and how many calories are you consuming?
  5. Are you taking part in any fitness program or weight loss regimen while wearing waist trainers?

These are just the general questions on which the approximate amount of lost weight may depend.

So, you have to take good care of all of them to get the best results.

Main Genetic Reasons:

Besides these general criteria things, sometimes the genetics of a person may also play a significant role.

For example, two persons having the exact waist measurements and almost similar variables mentioned above may get different weight loss results.

That is because their family genetic trends may be taking part in such a case.

Some people have naturally broad waists and more bony weight.

On the other hand, some people stay skinny and lightweight no matter what they consume.

So, that is just a matter of genetics.

The Final Words:

Usually, wearing the best waist trainer for weight loss will probably take a couple of months or extended periods for people to see noticeable results.

But if you wish to lose in two weeks with a waist trainer, then you must wear them in combination with:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. adequate sleep
  3. Regular exercise
  4. consuming whole-grain dietary products
  5. Maintaining your standard calorie count of a day and many more

Only then will you get your desired results as soon as possible.