There are a larger number of reasons to fall in love with the shapewears. They let you have an hourglass body shape, boost your confidence, grant you a chic look, motivate you on your slimming down weight loss journey, and many more. All these along with a well-balanced diet and routine of practicing fitness exercises.

But besides all these, there is one thing that women all around the world don’t like about them. And that is the stop rolling down of shapewear. Not only the rolling undergarments is uncomfortable, but also, they are much less supportive for bust and breast regions. Also, they can create irregular lumps and bumps that show under your clothes unreasonably.

stop rolling down of shapewear

Top 5 Tips to Stop Rolling Down of Shapewear

The following are some of the significant tips and tricks for stopping best shapewears from rolling down:

  • Select the best fit size for you

Size is one of the major concerns when it comes to the shopping of body-shaping undergarments. There are two significant reasons behind it

  1. If you buy a body shaper of smaller size, it will extremely cinch your midsection and cause a number of health problems
  2. On the other hand, if you buy large size shapewear, it will not let you achieve your desired body shaping goals

Therefore, it is always recommended to stick to your size. Measure your bust, waist, and hips and buy a body shaper having accordingly measurements. Only then it will never roll down.

  • Choose the body shaper according to your body type

When it comes to body types and lengths, there come three basic frames for women.

  1. Tall frame girls
  2. Petite frame ladies
  3. Plus size women

Not all shapewears suit all the body types equally. Some are meant for a specific body shape. So, one should always first consider her body type and the level of shaping her body requires and then buy the best shapewear that does not roll down.

  • Look for high compression and high-quality shapewear

Whatever you invest n a body shaper, it will only be worth it if it is of good quality and made of very refined fabric material. In addition to that, another major benefit of a high-quality shaper is that it offers the perfect fit and lasts longer for an extended period.

Another significant reason for rolling down, especially while bunching up or sitting down, maybe wearing light compressing level undergarment. Therefore, women should always try to opt for high compression shapewears. They not only make you look slimmer but also help you achieve an upright body posture soon.

  • Wear the right body shaper under the right clothing item

In the market, there are several diverse types of shapewears differing from each other in size, color, style, level of compression, and body shaping goals. Although they all are seamless and visibly hide under all the regular clothing items. Still, they have a prominent effect on different body regions. The only thing that matters a lot is wearing the right kind of undergarment under relevant dressing items.

  • Put your shapewear appropriately

Most women do not wear the best shapewears appropriately which becomes a prominent reason for their rolling down. The following are some important tips to follow in this regard:

  1. Never put a body shaper on immediately after taking a shower
  2. Keep it neat and clean by hand washing after every time you wear
  3. Make sure that is rightly placed on your body
  4. Tuck it under your bra for extra security
  5. Step carefully into the undergarment and slightly pull it upwards without extreme jerking.


So, these are the steps that is important to stop rolling down of shapewear. These are very main steps to consider while wearing the best shapewear in order to prevent it rolling down. Try to follow these steps by step for gain the benefit.