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Most people can mostly argue about What Can I Wear to flatten my FUPA.

FUPA means Fullness, and its full form is “Fat Upper Pubic Area”.

Thus, FUPA depicts the stubborn fat accumulated above the pelvic bone, which is very difficult to get rid of through dieting and exercise.

What Can I Wear to Flatten My FUPA

What Can I Wear to Flatten My FUPA:


FUPA tends to accumulate in the lower abdominal region of women.

That not only makes and look them feel uncomfortable but also lowers their confidence and personality.

So, what to do about it?

By Using Shapewear: 

That is when wearing a body shaper might come in handy as their real quick job is to present a streamlined body shape.

Shapewear smoothens certain body parts and hides irregular FUPA bulges.

But remember, while sliding into the best shapewear for lower belly pooch, you must opt for the one specified for flattening FUPA.

Not all shapewear is mainly designed to target fatty worry spots of the body.

Different body shapers have different body-shaping goals.

Which Shapewear Can Use For FUPA:

Accumulation of excess fat between the hips and above the pubic bone.

Currently, it is one of the most commonly occurring postpartum issues caused due to pregnancy.

So, most women usually find it very tough to hide and get rid of.

Therefore, nowadays, many body-shaping undergarment markets present the best shapewear for FUPA.

That shapewear instantly hides FUPA bulges and presents women with the best sleek look.

Top 5 Our Best Ones:

  1. Extreme tummy control shapewear
  2. Open crotch corset postpartum shaping FUPA underwear
  3. Half-slip shapewear
  4. Seamless tummy and thighs control body shaper
  5. Slimming FUPA body shaper.

Things to Consider While Buying Shapewear

3 Top Tips to Consider While Buying Shapewear:

Below are some tips to Follow.

1- Compression:

For covering and flattening FUPA issues, try to have shapewear that provides a higher compression level.

In this way, it will tuck your belly into perfect shape.

However, do not exceed the compression level more than you need.

2- Size:

While many women tempt to buy the smallest size of shapewear, it may sometimes result in discomfort and more irregular bulges.

On the other hand, buying one size up will end the purpose of shapewear.

So, follow the thumb rule and choose the one that fits you well.

3- Temperature Control:

A body shaper’s most important aspects are its breathability and temperature control.

Most shapewear is typically made of nylon.

They do not allow proper airflow, ultimately leaving you with excess sweat.

So, opt for a body shaper that allows better air circulation while retaining an optimum temperature range.

Benefits of Using That Shapewear:

  • Make you confident
  • Help you feel and look attractive by hiding unflattering lower belly pooch
  • Work for several different styles under your daily life dresses
  • Made of soft and comfortable fabric
  • Come in a wide range of sizes
  • Have the best temperature control qualities
  • Flatten the FUPA bulges while presenting a streamlined body shape, and many more.

Final Words:

Are you suffering from severe FUPA fat accumulation?

Do you feel shy going out due to your irregular body shape?

Don’t worry anymore. Nowadays, the usage of specific shapewear greatly helps you in this regard.

They not only provide you with extra belly control to hide your FUPA.

But also, they present numerous fitness and health benefits instantly.

Trust us; they are worth buying for a streamlined body shape.