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Having a longer waistline means that your waistline sits a little lower than normal, implying shorter legs and a longer torso.

Therefore, women with such kind of body shape need the best waist trainer for plus size long torso and sometimes they find it very difficult to buy the right clothes and undergarments for them.

Now those women can easily buy different types as they may of two types according to their closing options:

  • long torso waist trainer with zipper
  • Long torso waist trainer with hook and eye closures

Also, you can find a wide variety of them relative to the types of physical activity results that you are going to have with them.

They may be:

  • Long torso waist trainers for working out
  • Long torso waist trainer for sports
  • long torso waist trainer for fat reduction and more.

How Long Torso Women’s Use Waist Trainer Correctly + Best Waist Trainer For Plus Size Long Torso:


Best Waist Trainer For Plus Size Long Torso

How Long Torso Do Women Use Waist Trainers Correctly to See Results?

So, using the plus size long torso waist trainer correctly is an important factor for all women who are highly motivated to see results.

Below is the 7-day plan to start waist training.

  • 1st day, aim to Wear a waist trainer for 2 Hours.
  • 2nd the day, Wear it for 2-3 hours with cardio and see how it feels.
  • 3rd day, 3-4 Hours and try to break between the time. At least Drink 8 Glasses of water daily and start a perfect diet plan.
  • 4th day, You can use a waist trainer for 4-5 hours and try to do strength training and belly exercises.
  • 5th day, Try to wear it for 6 hours with breaks and a proper diet schedule.
  • 6th day, All the Same, Try to wear this for 7 hours now with breaks and a workout for core.
  • 7th day, you can try it for 8 hours with a full workout and see some changes.

Remember, you can do it if your body has the strength and energy to do that 7 days of waist training.

Everyone’s body is different so change your lifestyle and take care of yourself.

Best Waist Trainer For Plus Size Long Torso:

There are plenty of names for body shaping and compression undergarments such as quality best waist trainers for weight loss, trimmer belts, waist cinches, waist corsets, and many more.

But now you may be wondering what is waist trainer for a long torso.

The best answer to this is that these are unique undergarments that are particularized for women having long torso lengths.

They fit well on their legs and keep them comfortable the whole day long while giving them a perfect body shape.

Choosing The Right Style of Waist Trainer For Long Torso:

As we all now know well that there are two basic types of waist trainers for all.

The same is the case for long torso waist trainers for working out.

They also come in broad categories.

Both of them are discussed below in detail:

1- Long Torso Latex Waist Trainer:

Steel-Bone Latex Long Torso Waist Trainer

This best waist trainer for a plus size long torso is specially made for women with long legs.

They come in several colours and styles including everyday wear, vests, and workout bands.

All the plus-size ladies can get several benefits from them.

Especially in the case of waist training, they are the best 14-inch-long torso waist trainers that provide full back coverage for extra support.

Also, their shoulder straps are very beneficial for keeping the bust region in an upright position.

Characteristic Features of them: 

They are made of high-quality material consisting of

  • 100% Natural Latex Covering
  • 96% Cotton
  • 4% Spandex Lining.

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2- Lace Up Long Torso Waist Trainer:

Lace Up Long Torso Waist Trainer
The corset-designed waist trainer for long torso women also comes in a variety of styles mostly as a matter of personal preference.

Some of them can even be worn as outwear for casual functions.

That is because they are crafted with extremely fine fabric and designed with a unique contoured under-bust line that readily gets curved to give you the perfect fit.

Moreover, they are similar to 14-inch-long torso waist trainers as their length is longer than regular ones.

Just if you are plus size and your height are short, then you must first consider how much amount of abdominal coverage you require, then go for a longer style corset.

Styling Features of Them:

  • 24 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones
  • Rigid Front Steel Closure
  • Tall/Average Torso Length
  • Waist Tape Reinforcement
  • 5 inches front closure height along with 12 inches sides and 13corset inches back height.
  • High Strength Premium Satin
  • Extreme curves with Level 3 Silhouette
  • High Strength Laces
  • Lacing guard with 5 inches Back Modesty Panel and many more.

Due to all these characteristic features, all the Long Torso Steel Boned Waist Trainer Corsets are best to be worn by women who

  1. Want to shave off extra inches from the waistline and get smoother body curves
  2. Take part in different sports activities
  3. Go to the gym for regular exercise and fitness training
  4. Experience various back pain issues
  5. Have recently become a mom and want to recover from post-pregnancy issues
  6. Want to unload their backs and stand upright is the best posture
  7. Wish to look glamorous in all casual and formal functions
  8. Intend to emphasize their elegant love handles and waist to rock all the stylish outfits.


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3- Extra Strong Latex Waist Trainer:

Latex Sweat Waist Trainer

The second one of the Best Waist Trainer for Plus Size Long Torso is a Latex Waist cincher that instantly reduces 3 inches from the waistline when put on.

All the varieties of these trainers come with 3 hook rows that make them adjustable to be worn according to body needs.

Moreover, they possess 9 flexible boning structure that readily helps in correcting poor body posture.

The latex odour may be a little repulsive for some people who are allergic to it.

So, for them, some latex-free material trainers are also available in the market.


  1. It makes you sweat 3 times more than usual due to the increased calorie and fat-burning process.
  2. Keep your muscles supported and warm to assist in weight-loss strategies
  3. Most reliable to prevent different injuries and post-workout fatigue.
  4. Bustier Steampunk Steel Boned Over-Bust Long Torso

These ones are made of high-quality fabric and tensile strength that make them very feasible for working as compression undergarments.

Due to this reason, they are a good choice for meeting your regular and casual body-shaping needs

Moreover, they come in unique styles, colours, and designs all over the undergarment markets and give you a very attractive look wherever and whenever you wish to look the best.

These plus size long torso steel boned waist trainer corsets have the following more features:

  1. The varied variety of colours
  2. Made of polyester material
  3. Come in sleeve-length style
  4. Their pattern type is solid
  5. Have medium to Standard thickness
  6. Can be worn every day under all outfits
  7. Come in diverse size ranges and many more.

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Long Torso Waist Trainer Working Guide:

Very important When using this waist trainer, You have to follow a strict diet and exercise to see the results within two weeks.

Below you can try the Working of Long torso plus size waist trainer.

Working of Plus Size Long Torso Waist Trainer Graph


Can plus size people wear waist trainers?

Yes, Plus Size People Definitely wear waist trainer, They have tp choose the waist trainer according to their size and torso length.

Do waist trainers help with wide Ribcages?

Its a myth, Waist Trainer Will not small the wide ribcages. These are only made for losing the Body fat.

How do I know which waist trainer to buy?

You can evaluate by looking at yourself and you goals, Try to figure out firstly your goals and why you want a waist trainer then it will help you to know that which waist trainer is best to buy.

Overall Conclusion:

Women always love to be and look the best wherever and whenever they may be regardless of their body size whether either they are small-sized or plus-sized ladies.

For that, they try different weight-loss strategies and skip some meals to flatten their belly also fitness training.

But both these take a lot of time may be a lot of months or years.

Nowadays, Women don’t have enough time to waste making hard efforts just to look good.

Therefore, they now tend to opt for quick and easy ways like putting on body shapers and the best waist trainer for plus size long torso to readily get their body inches reduced and attain a perfect hourglass body shape.