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IU is a famous singer, songwriter, and actress from South Korea.

She is known by many people and has many fans around the world.

The reason for her beauty and attraction is not from other things but following a healthy lifestyle and keeping the best diet plan.

Most people want to know about the IU diet plan and it is very popular among girls Because they want to know her diet which is the reason she is so slim, cute, and charming.

So, We are going to share her strict diet which is the secret behind her success.

IU diet plan

IU Diet Plan: Her Weight Loss Meal Plan:


She Followed the extreme diet that is known as the Myproana diet which is given below:

At Breakfast:

  • One Apple Only

At Lunch:

  • One or Two Sweet Potato For Lunch

At Dinner:

  • Protein Shake For Dinner

That’s it, And IU diet plan calories contain 300Kcal every day, and by following this extremely strict diet, She lost 4kg weight in 4 days.

IU stopped this diet when she reached her ideal weight and start eating normally after that but within limits.

IU diet chart

IU Diet For A Week Results:

IU’s eating regime is the most sought-after of all the K-Pop idols’ diets due to its rigour and how quickly one can slim down.

During breaks from performance, many stars consume without limits, so this diet gives them a hassle-free way to get their “comeback shape.”

She shared that, she lost 4 kg in 4-6 days strictly doing this diet, And She mostly follows this diet when she releases an album or does music promotions.

IU once said I can not follow this diet when I have no work to do like promotions, movies, rehearsals, etc.

IU before and after comparison

IU Before And After Diet Real Comparison:

IU  has recently gone through a dramatic transformation.

Before her diet, IU had a curvier figure that complemented her round face and soft features.

After her diet, IU’s body looks much slimmer and more toned.

Her entire look appears to be more youthful and healthy.

Comparing the before and after pictures of IU is truly remarkable; it really shows how dedicated she was to achieving her desired body shape.

Many admirers have applauded her new look for being motivational, demonstrating to them that with hard effort and commitment, anyone can accomplish their aspirations.

All in all, IU’s transformation from before to after her diet is quite astounding and serves as an example of how incredible the human body can be when we push ourselves to reach our fullest potential.

Once She Revealed that On the Shooting of the MBC TV Quiz Change The World, She Lost 10 Kgs that is because of her busy time schedule and many other activities.

IU Body Stats [Weight & Height]:

When She was not following her diet, When she was just a singer, Many named her Fat that is because of her body shape and appearance.

IU weight at that time was over and above the Kpop industry requirements.

After Following the Diet, IU revealed her body measurements that are:

Current Weight:

  • 47 kg

Current Height:

  • 162 cm

IU Workout And Lose Weight Tips:

Apart from following the strict diet, IU mostly engaged in some aerobic exercises as well to maintain their body physic and overall body weight.

She usually does jogging, cardio, walking, jumping, push-ups, and rope jumping as well daily.

The best thing is that She shared that, In Making an episode of KBS Happy Together season 3, She does aerobics and cardio for an hour and follows the diet plan to look fit and slim.

IU’s Diet And Meal Plan Most People Tried:

Many people tried her diet plan which is one apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner, and shared their results on social media, etc.

Above the average people said, This diet plan is very good but not healthy for the long term, Some people claimed they lost 4 to 6 kg by following this extremely hard diet plan.

Before coying someone’s diet, try first to consult with any medical advisor or nutritionist for this IU diet plan, Because everyone has their own body mechanism.

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